Increasing your SEO and Video Engagement with Closed Caption Subtitles.

Since the dawn of social media, video content has never been more accessible, but in such a highly competitive world how can your video content stand out from the rest of the crowd? When you start hearing file-names like SRT, STL, SDH, closed caption subtitles and open caption subtitles, you may wonder, “how does subtitling benefit video engagement and increase your SEO with organic web-traffic”?


Social Media Subtitles.

Assuming you use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram, you may have noticed while you were catching up on your social media timeline that more and more video content is being viewed with social media subtitles. In 2017, brands world-wide invested a lot of effort and resources into video publishing, with 74% of all consumer based web-traffic being video content.

Facebook reported that there was a 12% increase in “average video view time” when using social media subtitles, with Facebook and Twitter’s new auto-play, no-audio approach to incentivise video engagement, it’s clear to see why more and more subtitles are being seen on video content. In fact, 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed without any sound making subtitles the primary funnel of information for the viewer.

As technology allows social media and networking to be more accessible than ever, it is beneficial to have subtitles on your social media videos. This is especially ideal for the Facebook and Twitter users to engage with a video in an environment such as a busy tube journey, or when you’re watching a video in a quiet zone. This is especially important, 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the site, adding subtitles allows you to reach that many viewers regardless of the environment.


SEO Benefits with Closed Captions.

Closed caption subtitles rich in metadata can bring so much more than just viewer engagement. Closed captions subtitles can bring a great SEO benefit to your videos in terms of organic web-traffic along with accessibility and engagement.

But what is closed captions and what does it mean?

Well, there are two types of subtitle captions, closed caption subtitling and open caption subtitling.

Basically, with closed captions you have to ability to turn the subtitles on or off, with open captions the subtitles are burnt in to the video, making it a part of the video,  meaning they cannot be turned off. Both serve the function of accessibility and engagement but with closed captions you can create for example a SRT file (sub rip text file), which has metadata embedded into the file, attaching an SRT to your YouTube videos or to your social media videos allows search engines to read meta-data resulting it having better SEO. Google already values videos higher than normal text posts but adding an SRT can give you that extra edge.

This allows content publishers to be creative with their subtitles while gaining a greater target audience.


The Future of Subtitling and Video Content.

Here are some more recent figures and predictions for the use and benefits of subtitles on videos.

Cisco’s recently reported on their Visual Networking Index report that by the year 2020, IP video traffic will account for 82% of consumer internet traffic which will be a 12% increase in 5 years from the 2015 figure of 70%.

While Google does value videos in terms of SEO, a search engine isn’t capable to listen or to watch a video, applying closed captions to your video creates a language for the search engine to read. But here is one thing to keep in mind, Google will only index closed captions if they have been produced professionally, auto-subtitles that YouTube creates won’t however as accurate.

LinkedIn stated that 45 percent of users that posted marketing content on their blog was the most productive way to publish their content.

Whether you need it for accessibility or are looking to boost your SEO, adding subtitles to your marketing content or social media videos can give an all-round boost to you viewer engagement.


If you require subtitles for your video content, we can create closed caption subtitles and provide you with a subtitle file of the format of your choice including .srt or .stl, or we can create open caption subtitles and burn the subtitles onto your videos, as per industry standard guidelines.

Please fill in the contact form below to request a subtitling quote with a free transcription service.


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