Subtitling Rates

Our rates for creating closed caption subtitle files in over 100+ formats including .SRT .STL .TXT  Scenarist and AVID text captions are:

Subtitles for short form corporate and educational web video content.

Creating and time-cueing English .stl or .srt  subtitle files from transcript = £ 8.00 per minute.

Translating and proof reading costs to most languages for short form subtitles are £25.00 per minute.

Transcription services for short form videos start from  £3.00 per  min

Subtitler.Cafe can supply all popular subtitling file formats including STL, EBU, SRT , XLM and final pricing can only be confirmed after review of source material.

Our minimum fee for transcription, translation and subtitling services  is £100.00 + VAT


Subtitles for feature film and drama entertainment programming.

Costs for spotting templates and translating long form Film and TV series/episodes are between £15.00 – £20.00/min depending on source files, language density and target language.

Creating and time-cueing English .stl template £ 6.00 per minute

Translation from English .stl template into FIGS*, film & drama series £9.00 – £14.00 per minute, depending on language density

Supplement for turning any of the above into SDH files (requiring re-timing, adding music/sound tags and character colour allocations) £2.50/min


Burning subtitles to video

Costs for burning in subtitles to video are approx  £50.00 for short form projects.  We can supply all popular broadcast and digital formats.


Please fill in the contact form below to provide more information on your subtitling requirements so we can understand your needs, review source materials and provide a free quote.